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Welcome to DJ Radio Zareti, the best online radio to listen to your favorite dance music 7 days / 24 hours a week with the best and latest dance hits from the world dance scene. Handpicked in a good selection by our DJs to keep you in a good mood on our radio station.We play dance music from the genres: Club - Dance - House - Electro - EDM - Dancefloor, Top 50, Electro-House, Dubstep and other styles that have prevailed over time to date and which will prevail in the future. We strive to discover new talents and promote them on our radio station - DJ Radio Zareti, so that they can be heard by our large listening audience and gain popularity and many more fans. The radio is aimed at this audience of people who like the songs from the genres that we play on DJ Radio Zareti. Only the best DJ sound and only music hits all the time. Our team constantly strives to keep you in a good mood by curating our playlists with the best and new dance hits of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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Уебсайт: https://djradiozareti.eu/

Имейл: info@djradiozareti.eu

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